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Creating a Personal Energy Shield for Protection

Empaths are prone to soaking up unwanted energy from others. They unconsciously absorb negative emotions or feelings of others around. When they do, they carry an extra load of negative energy can weigh heavily on them and their heart.

You need to learn how to shield yourself appropriately, even whilst you are sympathetic to the problems of another and wish to help them.

Let us understand the different types of energy shields.

There are many methods with which you can create personal energy shields, like visualizing yourself inside a cobalt-blue egg, circle of love, roses and so on around you. All variations are just as effective if and only if conscious intention is used to create one. Random thinking is not effective. You won’t also want to create a weak one with holes.

The idea is to focus your mind and use your senses to experience the shield.

The following steps are useful in order to protect yourself from toxic people.

Be quiet for a while, let your thoughts come and go, remain a spectator to them.

Release any stresses or tensions that you feel and relax.

Take in a few deep breaths.

Focus your mind on creating an energy shield using light from the Universal source.

For this shield, visualize and tangibly feel yourself surrounded by a wall of mirrors – around, over and under. The mirrors face out. Hence, if there is negative energy that is directed towards you, it is reflected back outwards.

Your shield is completely sealed so that no external negative energy can enter.

Simultaneously, make the intention to allow only love to pass through both ways.

With you are inside this shield, you may want to visualize yourself surrounded and embraced by the energy pink rose in colour as pink symbolizes unconditional love.

See, sense and feel the completeness of the shield for a few moments. Hold that in place with your intention.

For your future reference, make a mental note of how the shield feels like. This will make it easy for you to bring it back into existence whenever you need it. You will need to repeat these steps as the shield dissipates over time.

By K.Nagori

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